You CAN do an “Online Course”!

AHA Blended Learning Options

I frequently hear objections from our customers who have been told that they cannot take an online CPR class. That is true if that is what your employer has told you, but blended learning is NOT the same. AHA has developed and endorses their blended learning programs in response to demand for an alternative delivery from the traditional classroom session.

Many of our students are medical or paramedic students and professionals who have very strenuous schedules. The blended learning format allows the student to receive the same instruction in a way that fits into their busy schedule. The Online Part 1 portion is done at the students own pace and can be completed in one sitting or many as needed. The videos presented online are the same instruction we do in the classroom. The written exam, if there is one, is administered online. Once a student completes this part of the instruction, they make an appointment with an instructor to do Parts 2 & 3. The student gets the opportunity to be one on one with the instructor to go through the skills practice and skills testing.

The completion card we issue upon successful completion of all three parts is the EXACT same card we issue for traditional in person classes. The stigma comes from the word “online”. This is not the same as taking an online course from one of AHA’s competitors that do not require an in person skills practice and evaluation. We DO NOT endorse pure online programs. We sincerely believe that CPR education is too important to be done by watching some videos and never touching a mannequin to practice the skills.

If you decide that our class schedule doesn’t work of you or if you simply prefer online learning, then Blended Learning may be your solution. We sincerely encourage you to use the links on the bottom of our web page to go to the AHA web site. There are multiple “pirate” sites out there that will capture you and your money. We cannot honor another organizations completion certificate. It MUST be a completion certificate from the AHA. Unfortunately many of our students report that they have taken the online course from one of these “pirate” sites and they end up spending more money than they have to, not to mention the wasted time spent repeating the course.

Please give us a call if you have questions or need further clarification on the blended learning format. We are here to help!