Claim your eCard

Claim your eCard via Email:You will receive an email from with a link inviting you to claim your eCard online. Please make sure to check your spam or junk folder. This link will direct you to the Student Profile webpage; please confirm that all information on that page (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number (if entered for claiming by SMS), eCard Code, AHA Instructor Name, and Training Center information) is correct. If it is not, contact your Training Center.

  1. Set up your security question and answer. Accept the terms of the site and click “Submit.”
  2. Complete the survey on the course you just completed. Your answers to these questions will help improve the quality of future AHA training.
  3. After you complete the survey, your eCard will display. You can save or print your eCard.
  4. Once your eCard has been claimed, you will receive an email notification; please save this confirmation email for your records.
  5. Claiming your eCard is the only way you can show proof of course completion to your employer. If you need to email your eCard, please see step 5 under “How to View your Claimed eCard” (link to this answer when building the page).

Claim your eCard via eCards Site:

  1. Visit the eCards Search page. On the “Student” tab, enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email (ensure this is the email address that was used to sign up for the course) OR enter your eCard Code at the bottom of the page (ask your Training Center for this code). Click “Search.”
  2. If all the information was entered correctly, you will be brought to a page that shows “My eCards.” Look for your eCard that is “Unclaimed” and follow the steps through the site to claim your card, including setting up a security question and answer. If your eCard cannot be found, contact your Training Center to verify your information.

Lost Card

You received your card via email from your Training Center and already claimed it.

Before reaching out to your Training Center to request a new card, first try to run a few searches in your email inbox to make sure you didn’t overlook the email with the link to access your eCard.

If you know you have already claimed your card from your Training Center, view your claimed eCard.